Welcome to Beach Hut Theatre Company!


Based by the sea, on the beautiful North Yorkshire Coast, in England's first resort, Scarborough, we produce innovative and exciting plays, musicals and multimedia events. We are committed to creating memorable and spectacular productions at venues and site specific locations across the town and throughout the region.


It is important to us to make theatre accessible to everyone. In addition, we also aim to achieve the objective of creating innovative ways of bringing theatre practitioners into contact with the general public. 

The Wild Zone and Wild In The Heart

Currently in Rehearsal

The WIld Zone
Will you help us save the planet?

Enter ‘The Wild Zone’, an exciting new play for children and families, written and directed by John Pattison. Performed in a large gazebo located in Scarborough Library’s main lending area, the play features projected images, a 5.1 surround sound immersive experience and an especially composed new score. 

The year is 2300CE: the population is struggling during a climate change disaster known as the “Dry Spell”. Scientists Juno and Jupiter stumble on a secret facility, guarded by a quirky super computer, which may just hold the key to humanity's survival. Will you help them crack the codes, beat the clock and save the planet?’ 


Wild in The Heart
What's going on in Scarborough's Green Spaces?

‘Wild in the Heart’ comprises of five thrilling stories for children and families written by emerging community writers, and directed by Alison Watt.

The 15 minute plays are

‘Stick!’ by Paul Beck,

‘Stung by Nettles’ by Rosie Larner,

CLASSIFIED: Dalby – HCN by Lisa Ponter,

‘Level Up’ by Paul Spencer and

‘From Little Acorns’ by Michelle Watts. 

Each play will be performed in the town centre green spaces including Albemarle Crescent, Alma Square, the Crescent Gardens and Woodend. 

The 15 minute plays are FREE and will be performed REPEATEDLY BETWEEN 11AM AND 4PM. There’s no need to book for these plays. JUST DROP IN ON THE DAY.

Cast & crew of 'SnOwQuEeN', Scarborough News, April 2017, Photo Richard Ponter

May 5th 2017 was the first anniversary of Beach Hut Theatre Company becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). In the past year Beach Hut has:
Premiered 22 original plays with the help of:
18 script writers
3 designers
57 actors
8 composers
6 musicians
9 stage-management and technical staff and
6 administrative staff

In the past year, Beach Hut has also run several script writing and acting workshops and set up 'Script Hut', an ongoing writers' group that meets at Scarborough Library. We also went on our first proper tour.

The three major projects this year were:
'Natural Shocks'
'Fantasies, Fables and Frights'
'BrEaKiNg ThE iCe'

The individual performance pieces taken to full production were:
1. ‘Unmaking Mac’ by Gilly Collinson
2. ‘Under the Greenwood Trees’ by Michelle Watts
3. ‘Mother and Son’ by Helen Birmingham
4. ‘Family Loyalties’ by Philip Watson
5. ‘Diminishing Returns’ by Sam Thor Rhodes
6. ‘Loved by Dragons’ by Jackie Daly
7. ‘To Love a King’ by Neil Arnott

8. ‘Moody Food’ by John Pattison
9. ‘Sex, Lies and Narrow Escape’ by Colin Scales
10. ‘Summer’s Edge’ by John Pattison and Alison Watt
11. ‘Death by Knitting’ by Elaine Brookes
12. ‘Smokin’ Witches’ by Jackie Daly
13. ‘The Stranglers’ Rest’ by Jason Mullen
14. ‘An Unkindness’ by Jo Reed Turner
15. ‘The Lightkeeper’ by Paul Spencer
16. ‘And Whom Did He See?’ by Paul Beck
17. ‘SnOwQuEeN’ by John Pattison and Alison Watt
18. ‘Pinkie’ by Liblet Pearson
19. ‘Strangers in Waiting’ by Neil Arnott
20. ‘Locked Out’ by Paul Spencer
21. ‘Night Follows Day’ by Paul Beck
22. ‘The Clinic’ by Charleigh Christmas
23. ‘Keeping It Cool’ by Michelle Watts

We will keep you posted here and on facebook and Twitter about what fantastic projects we have in the pipeline for our second year! Thank you for all your support.

We are also extremely proud to announce that our Artistic Director, Alison Watt was one of the winners of the 2016 Writers' Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) Olwen Wymark Theatre Encouragement Awards. This award was set up to give Writers Guild of Great Britain members the opportunity to publicly thank those who had given them a positive experience in new writing over the previous year. Her nomination describes her as: 'A skilled dramaturg, director, playwright, TV writer, actor, mentor and all-round brilliant human being,'



This project has now come to an end, following a successful tour of North Yorkshire Libraries. From the full length musical 'SnOwQuEeN' at Scarborough Old Parcels Office to the run of 'SuDdEnThAwS' at Scarborough Library and Information Centre and at venues across Yorkshire, we have had an amazing time performing to so many people. You can read all about the project on our BrEaKiNgThEiCe page and see images and clips of our adventures including the quest for the best All Day Breakfast in North Yorkshire.

'SnOwQuEeN' Performance, April 2017, Photo Dave Barry
'Night Follows Day' SuDdEnThAws Performance, May 2017
'Summers Edge' Performance, October 2016 Photo Fern Lea Yaldren

View 'Summer's Edge' video excerpts on our FANTASIES FABLES & FRIGHTS page.

Natural Shocks


A huge thank you to everyone who took part in and attended 'Natural Shocks' in Scarborough and York! The company had a great time putting this production together. We will be uploading photos and also some copies of the scripts and scores for you to find out more about this fantastic project, which celebrated 400 years of William Shakespeare with a contemporary twist.

'As You Like It' part of 'Natural Shocks' at Scarborough Library. Photo Dave Barry

See more 'Natural Shocks' here

Still from the film 'Rock, Rascals and Revolution!' Directed and edited by Jonathan Jeeves

Watch the full 'ROCK, RASCALS AND REVOLUTION!' film on our past productions page.

'Ark Of The Animals' performance on South Bay Beach, Scarborough. Photo. Paul Nash

Have a look at our gallery for fantastic images and videos of our work

Opportunities to Work with Beach Hut


We will keep you up to date about auditions and workshops for forthcoming shows, on our home page here and on our facebook page. Join us using the link below.        If you are interested in working with Beach Hut, please drop us an email using our contact page.