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Join us for food and a show: Deli Delicious will be selling a special smugglers-themed menu of grub and grog during our performances of The Curse of the Smuggler’s Run, this July. There’ll be Contraband Cocktails (Dragoon’s Punch and Smugglers’ Cove), Pizzas of Eight, Old Town Pie and Peas, Privateer Jacket Spuds and St Helen’s Square Meal Toasties and Paninis!

Come gather close and hear this tale, of Scarborough in the age of sail:

The Curse of the Smuggler’s Run

This summer, witness the Scarborough of 1822 where smuggling is a way of life. When firebrand revenue man George 'Flogger' Ballard arrives in town to put a stop to it, events take a dangerous turn. With the threat of the noose or transportation never far away, will local merchant James Law tolerate Ballard's interference in his other 'free-trading' business? And what of Hetty Pashby, drawn into Law's racketeering from her fishing background? Can she find love and the life she craves? And who of all of them will find that hoard of buried gold?

Blending historical fact and imaginative storytelling through music, song and adventure, 'The Curse of the Smuggler's Run' celebrates the story of those who smuggled and those whose job it was to stop them. With laughs along the way, this fast-action tale is set in the heart of Scarborough, sharing local legends from the town's colourful past. Join us in Scarborough Market Hall and take a seat in the heart of the Old Town, where the actual events took place nearly 200 years ago!

Performances: July 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th & 17th at 7pm. £10 Adult | £8 Concession

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You can also pre-book from Deli Delicious, Scarborough Market Hall. Tickets will also be available on the door. During the performances, Deli Delicious will be open for drinks with a selected food menu between 6pm & 9pm.*

Original Image: Howard Pyle (1853 –1911) | * subject to availability 

Celebrate Armed Forces Day with a collection of 7 play readings and songs from Beach Hut Theatre Company. In that 40s Mood is the latest round of Script Hut Saturday short play-readings, which will take place in Scarborough Library on Saturday 29th June at 7.30pm. With tales of heroism, sacrifice and hope, join us on the Homefront, in Normandy and on the North Sea…

Alternatively, you can also enjoy the performance during the day as part of Scarborough Library’s FREE Armed Forces Day event from 12 noon, in the main library space.