Live theatre may be in hibernation, but from now until June 2nd, we are sharing with you the FREE full production of our popular 2017 urban fantasy musical, “SnOwQuEeN”. Just click on the link below to view.

Kaiden is a young man from Leeds who is on the run. But he can’t run from himself. Now in Scarborough, he’s literally at the end of the line. But who are these quirky acquaintances that he’s made in this railway-linked, Victorian building? And what kind of musical journey will they take him on? Maybe a tale-telling of “The Snow Queen” will throw some light on Kaiden’s life and how he’s come to be where he is today?’

A reinterpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s’ famous tale, audiences described it as "ingenious" and "emotional" with "fantastic music and cast". This is an uplifting story about the experience of depression and how the strength of love can challenge distorted worldviews and the “ice” in someone’s heart. Sharing it now from our archive as a free online streaming experience, particularly in this time of lockdown when mental health is very much to the fore, seems the next logical step in its journey. We hope you will watch it over the coming month…!

Filmed as part of our archive, the footage has been edited together especially for an online audience during lockdown. The original site specific production received funding from Arts Council England and NYCC Stronger Communities.

Written by John Pattison and Alison Watt.

Design by Michael Roberts.

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