Our Mission Statement and Key Objectives

Beach Hut Theatre Company’s mission is to create outstanding, innovative and entertaining performances in both traditional and non-traditional playing spaces, using original writing, new interpretations of classic texts, music, technology and theatrical experimentation in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and further afield.

Our Core Values are:

           To inspire creativity, passion, thought and fun in company members and                          audiences alike

           To pursue excellence in new writing, classic texts, music and theatrical standards

           To treat everyone with respect, without discrimination 

           To undertake to be both insatiably curious and constructively discontent

           To possess a world-view

To support these values, our Key Objectives are:

1.         To be a company that is dedicated and vigorous

2.         To develop the quality of our work, through the standard of new writing, the   standard of production and innovating forms of theatrical expression

3.         To exist in the present tense: developing performances that are relevant to contemporary society and reflect the concerns and dreams of the local population and further afield

4.         To stage productions where performers excel through ensemble work

5.         To remain connected at all times to the realities of theatrical production

6.         To attract audiences to the work from all sectors of the local population and further afield

7.         To identify and develop new creative partnerships with other professional arts practitioners and community stakeholders

8.         To maintain and develop our affiliations with community stakeholders, partners,  funders, corporate business sponsors, philanthropic trusts and foundations, charities and all other encouragers of the Company

9.         To maintain a commitment to the support, motivation and progress of all artists and staff working with Beach Hut Theatre Company

10.       To operate a policy of equal opportunity throughout the Company

11.       To promote social inclusion

12.      To present work to the highest standards achievable by the company at the most affordable ticket price