Script Hut Saturdays          

Saturday 8th September 2018           

Body and Soul           Character and Dialogue

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Whose story is being told and how do they express themselves in word and deed?   Are they a Hamlet or a Hedda Gabler?   Or maybe they’re a Willy Loman or a Marlene from ‘Top Girls’?   It’s more often than not ‘character’ that draws us in and fires our interest when we think of drama.   That’s why creating a compelling character (or characters) is one of the goals of good script writing. 

But why are we fascinated by the choices characters make about events that befall them.   And how do you make a character interesting enough to hold attention as their story unfolds?   Does dialogue play a role in this?   And if so, how?

This full-day script writing workshop, led by Alison Watt, examines ‘character’ and ‘dialogue’ and their roles within script writing.     Through discussion, lone and shared exercises, analysis of texts and the participants own creative work, this workshop will show you how to build a character from scratch using trigger resources (images, quotes and objects).   It will help generate engaging character-driven stories through emotion and theme, whilst also taking into account the story setting.  And it will examine dialogue in all its forms; from its role as controller of pace through tone and effect, to being (along with action) the ultimate expression of ‘character’ itself.

Workshop Leader: Alison Watt

Venue: The Old Pool Room

Scarborough Library

Vernon Road


YO11 2NN


Morning session         11 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.

Lunch Break

Afternoon session       2.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.