Script Hut Saturdays          

Saturday 13th October 2018           

Many Paths           Comedy, Tragedy and other Genres.

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Would you like to write comedy?   Or maybe it’s a thriller that floats your boat.   What if you had the chance to write an historical, zombie rom-com with a dash of slice-of-life?    Would you know where to start?     Segmentation of drama into ‘genre’ is an everyday given in the Industry world of script writing.   A commissioning producer’s first question will often be where does your story idea ‘fit’ on the ‘video shelf’?  

  But although it’s prescriptive, does it necessarily follow that this is a negative thing?

This full-day script writing workshop, led by Alison Watt, explores ‘genre’ and its impact on script writing.   Through discussion, lone and shared exercises, analysis of texts and the participants own creative work, this workshop aims to help you write better comedy; write more moving drama and to give you the opportunity to work in a proliferation of genres in a fun-filled and relaxed environment.  

It will look at how selecting a genre influences dramatic structure (i.e. how the choice of comedy or tragedy as framing devices affects core storytelling; what the strengths and drawbacks of the many different styles are; and how examining the benefits of cross-pollination can strengthen, subvert and enrich the form).   It will, ultimately, examine genre in a playful way and explore how it can work most powerfully alongside other dramatic techniques to help you deliver sharper focus and depth in your own work.

Workshop Leader: Alison Watt

Venue: The Old Pool Room

Scarborough Library

Vernon Road


YO11 2NN


Morning session         11 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.

Lunch Break

Afternoon session       2.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.