Script Hut Saturdays          

Saturday 8th September 2018           

Second Time Around’           Redrafting a script

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You’ve had the idea.   Planned the story.   And written that all-important first draft.   But where do you go from here?    Maybe your story structure feels a little lop-sided or even broken-backed.   Maybe, to serve the plot, the choices your main character makes feel a little implausible.   Maybe your script focuses on theme and not on character at all.  

You know that your core idea is sound but you sense that your first draft hasn’t quite showcased it the way you’d hoped. 

Despair not.   Redrafting is a hugely important aspect of writing.   And sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be rectified by stepping back and having a second (or third or fourth) look before moving on to write the next draft.

This full-day script writing workshop, led by Alison Watt, will help you develop your own skillset for tackling that all-important process of redrafting.   Through discussion, lone and shared exercises, analysis of texts and your own creative work, this workshop will examine character, theme, dialogue, action and overall structure to enrich, strengthen and focus your writing so that your next draft will deliver the complexity and punch you’d hoped for.

Participants are requested to bring at least two draft copies of their script to the session and be willing to email the tutor their script draft ahead of the date.

Workshop Leader: Alison Watt

Venue: The Old Pool Room

Scarborough Library

Vernon Road


YO11 2NN


Morning session         11 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.

Lunch Break

Afternoon session       2.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.