Our Mission Statement and Key Objectives

Turning the tide and making waves as contemporary storytellers, Beach Hut Theatre Company produce work that is transformative, bold, dynamic, emotive and magical. We tell stories that explore the social dilemmas and realities of human behaviour, celebrating traditional theatre and challenging its forms through site-specific, immersive tales. Artistically led, community driven, our passion is the authentic experience of live performance, integrating a variety of digital media into our productions including animation, film, projection, sound and original music.

Our Core Values are:

To inspire creativity, passion, thought and fun in company members and audiences alike

To enrich, nurture and challenge the imagination of our audience

To pursue excellence in new writing, classic texts, music and theatrical standards

To treat everyone with respect, without discrimination 

To be both insatiably curious and constructively discontent

To possess a world-view

To support these values, our Key Objectives are:

To be a company that is dedicated, relevant and vigorous

To develop the quality of our work as transformative storytellers, through the standard of new writing, the standard of production and by innovating forms of theatrical expression

To exist in the present tense: developing performances that are relevant to contemporary society and reflect the concerns and dreams of the community and further afield

To stage productions where performers excel through ensemble work, taking insight and inspiration from their diverse backgrounds, work and life experiences

To remain connected at all times to the realities of theatrical production

To attract audiences from all sectors of the community and further afield, uniting them through the shared experience of meaningful narrative

To celebrate the essential power of the theatre to illuminate our common humanity by introducing new conversations to audiences and communities.

To identify and develop new creative partnerships with other professional arts practitioners and community stakeholders

To maintain and develop our affiliations with community stakeholders, partners, funders, corporate business sponsors, philanthropic trusts and foundations, charities and all other encouragers of the Company.

To maintain a commitment to the support, motivation and progress of all artists and staff working with Beach Hut Theatre Company

To operate a policy of equal opportunity throughout the Company

To promote social inclusion

To present work to the highest standards achievable by the company at the most affordable ticket price