Video Gallery

This section presents videos of our work. Here you can watch excerpts of plays, listen to songs, see YouTube adverts and catch up with the latest developments in rehearsal and in the media.

The five filmed sections from 'Stalked by Flowers' are taken from the multimedia play performed as part of 'Coastival's Rather Splendid Day Out', February 2012.   They can be viewed as a 'stand-alone' piece with the running order Coco, Smokie, Game Boy, Rosiglo, Straight-Shooter.

The films for 'Stalked by Flowers' were filmed at various locations around Scarborough, including The Sitwell Library at Woodend Creative Workspace and at Westwood Campus, Yorkshire Coast College. Paul Nash filmed, directed and edited the sections. The music was composed and performed by John Pattison.

The other films in this section are from our archive of promotional films and clips of various productions.