Six original stories making a drama out of staying inside. Developed during the lockdown of Spring 2020 with actors using everything from mobiles phones to laptops to get creative while observing social distancing rules.

The Couch Concert - Part 1 by John Pattison

Welcome to singer/songwriter Sandy’s first ever gig. ‘The Mucky Duck’ pub has lost its roof and Scarborough’s local acts are performing online to raise funds for a new one. Both Sandy and organiser Steve have a secret or two they’d rather keep to themselves. But if the show must go on, it doesn’t mean it has to go according to plan…

U Ok Hun? - Part 1 by Michelle Watts

The sun's out, the sky is blue but Cherry the childminder can't leave her house yet. Where ARE her chiddlers this morning? And is it all Vicki Dinnington's fault?

Choices - Part 1 by Paul Beck

Mistakes. Zoe’s made far too many of them in her life. But maybe an obscene parrot and an unexpected email will give her chance to finally put things right.

Flo & Mabel - Part 1 by Kate Woodward-Hay

Flo’s life is perfect: her children have flown the nest and she is proud of them. On her own at home with Mandela the cat she is blissfully happy ... or is she? If so, why has Mabel suddenly come back into her life?

The Call - Part 1 by Rosie Larner

Kath and Lou haven’t visited their daughter in five years. But how can Lou fly out to New Zealand when he is terrified to walk out of his own front door?

Lifesigns - Part 1 by Paul Spencer

Kat is ‘Star Commander’, brave explorer of space. But she never expected to face her greatest challenge: being asked out on a date.


Six more original films making a drama out of staying inside. Continuing the stories developed during the lockdown of Spring 2020 with actors using everything from mobiles phones to laptops to get creative while observing social distancing rules.

 The Call - Part 2 by Rosie Larner

Kath insists Lou must get help to tidy himself up. His neighbour, Maureen, isn’t much of a cleaner - but perhaps she’s good at other things?

U Ok Hun? - Part 2 by Michelle Watts

It's Halloween and things are finally starting to look up for Cherry. But how long will that last with Vicki Dinnington on the war path?

The Couch Concert - Part 2 by John Pattison

When Sandy and Steve are thrown together again, the stakes become much higher. Can they put the past behind them and make sweet music? Is it wise to seek life advice from an action figure and a stuffed toy? 

Flo & Mabel - Part 2 by Kate Woodward-Hay

Halloween approaches and Mandela the cat is missing. Just when it seems that things can’t get any more complicated for Flo and Mabel, Robert calls with some interesting news.

Good Vibrations (Lifesigns - Part 2) by Paul Spencer

He tried to write a song; not just any song - one that would inspire Kat, the woman he loves. Again and again, he failed. So when Matt was told about the mysterious manuscripts of Ann Hartley, he knew he had to find them…

Choices - Part 2 by Paul Beck

Life is finally looking up for Zoe; she has got herself a new job and she has made a loving connection with her daughter Beth. But Zoe’s sister Mary is hiding a secret that could turn everyone’s world upside down.