Script Hut Writing Workshops

Want to write a script? Not sure where to begin? Join us at Script Hut where we will help you develop your script writing skills. 

'Script Hut’ is an ongoing script writing class delivered by Beach Hut Theatre Company’s resident award-winning dramaturge, writer and director Alison Watt*. These inspiring script writing sessions explore story, character, setting, structure and style through the development and application of practical skills; with the aim of creating performable scripts on a termly basis. Learn the craft by doing. Discuss ideas with others and receive constructive and supportive feedback on your own work. Write your own theatre play or your own way...with the possibility of a script in hand, rehearsed-read performance at the end of it. Explore ideas close to your heart and maybe write that West End hit! 

New term began April 2022

If you are interested in future classes, please contact us at

*Alison Watt is a winner of the 2016 WGGB Olwen Wymark Theatre Encouragement Award.